North Salem Walk Audit

As a fitting activity for today (Climate Strike Day) I spent my morning walking – a zero-pollution transportation option!
I am thankful I was able to join in on the WalkBoston “walk audit” around North Salem today.

WalkBoston conducts walk audits in locations across Massachusetts to identify and prioritize infrastructure improvements to increase pedestrian safety. They help people evaluate the walking environment, develop plans to improve walking conditions, and encourage walking activities.

Before the walk a quick Pedestrian101 presentation was made which went over the basic elements of a safe walking environment, and gave us some good ideas to look for when walking North Street and the surrounding areas.
It was great to see and listen to members of the community who came together and offered their experiences as residents, walkers and planning experts to discuss their ideas to making North Salem safer for all.
We have many strengths in North Salem, like our wide sidewalks on North Street, but also MANY areas where improvements can be made.

I can’t wait to read the official report!

Learn more about WalkBoston here:
Previous Walk Audits completed in Salem can be found on their site, as well as lots of data regarding pedestrian safety.