Walking North Salem

It takes me 12 minutes to walk from my front door to the YMCA downtown. But the experience is not the greatest. 

Walking times posted on Franklin Street in North Salem

Options to get downtown by foot include either walking down a poorly lit, overgrown path & through a commuter rail station. Or over an overpass with little barrier from cars speeding by. Or (one of my favorites) walking up the little path by the edge of the courthouse.

Today I joined up with a team from the city to talk about the walking routes North Salem uses to get around, and to get downtown. There are many critical areas that need attention, like thoughtful crosswalks, better sidewalks (or just any in some cases!), and a safer pedestrian connection to downtown.

Walking through North Salem (Buffum Street)

This is a direct impact to quality of life in Ward 6 and just one piece of the transportation puzzle.

Let me know *your* thoughts as a pedestrian in North Salem. What would you improve or change? Where are your challenges?