Salem, Peabody Multi-use Path

Harmony Grove Road – Feasibility Study

Peabody and Salem share more then just a border – the North River, Boston / Main Street, and without a commuter rail connection, Peabody residents are also riders of the Commuter Rail from Salem.

This past week, I was invited to a Working Group for the Salem-Peabody Multi-use Path Feasibility Study.

location of proposed multi-use path

Residents of Salem are probably familiar with Harmony Grove Road – this road runs parallel to Boston Street, and is used by many Ward 6 residents as a way to get to the Supermarket, Peabody, and the highway. The road has Harmony Grove Cemetery on one side, and the North River on the other.

The section of the proposed multi-use path beings on Howley Street in Peabody (near the Stop & Shop) and ends in Salem at the Grove Street Connection – which continues down to Leslie’s Retreat Park along the North River.

At this first meeting, Salem and Peabody staff introduced the project and the consultant team presented existing conditions as well as preliminary potential trail routes.

The Working Group included members from Salem and Peabody – both City Offices, Neighborhood Groups, and local organizations. The purpose is to express a vision for the path and to provide overall input and feedback to the project team.

Next steps will be to gather Public Feedback as this project moves forward.

You can also tune in to this months Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting where an update will be provided.:


  1. This is probably pie-in-the-sky. But I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a commuter rail spur between Salem Station and downtown Peabody. The rail line is already there (for freight railroad). Peabody has no direct service to downtown Boston. It seems like it would be a great way to link the two communities using a right-of-way that’s already in existence.

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